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There is no shame, except for getting caught!

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Name:Hikaru "Henry" Agata
Birthdate:Jul 19

HenryHikaruSpace Medafighter XThe Phantom Renegade, greatest thief of the 22nd century!

"The Adventures of Space Medafighter X (or Space Medafighter X's Journey or simply called Medafighter X) is a television film based on the manga series Medabots. This film was banned from the United States for violence and aired in Japan.

The video cassette is not sold on the internet and it will never be in it not ever.
- Wikipedia

So a geek with no life pretends that capeandcowl is the replacement.

Interests (14):

bad excuses, being a creep, daring getaways, expressive masks, gimme gimme rare medals, having a blast, it's been a blast, kidnaps for justice!, lacking concussions, rare medals, saving the world, secret identities!, taunting metabee, thief in the night
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